Satisfy A Woman With your Fingers

Fingertips are incredible. I love it when my boyfriend and I use sex toys when we are together, says Shirley from London escort, but I like it even more than he uses his fingers. Fingers are so incredible, and I think that some men are really good at playing cherry pie. Some men have more sensitive fingers than others, and I love it when they touch you all softly. It is a great feeling, and lots of my friends at London escorts do get massively turned on by this as well. We often forget about our fingers, and how much they can stimulate us if we only let them.

I think that fingers are becoming an important part of the overall sexual experience as people are giving up on penetrative sex. Talking to some of my dates at London escorts, it is clear that penetrative sex is kind of going out of fashion. People are finding new exciting ways of achieving sexual satisfaction, and I don’t think it is anything wrong with that at all. I know of a couple of Lesbian girls at London escorts who are not into penetration with their partners at all. I do like penetrative sex as well, and I personally don’t think that I would be able to live without it.

My boyfriend is a really flexible lover and never in a rush. Lots of the girls at London escorts complain that their boyfriends are into too much of a rush. I keep telling them to tell their boyfriends to use their fingers, and sort of try to master the technique. After all, I think that most girls are kind of good at telling their men folk what feels good and what doesn’t. I would encourage all women, and my friends at London escorts, to speak up for themselves. Learning how to enjoy sex together can be a fantastic process.

Not all men, and women, are natural lovers – that is something that I have learned at London escorts. I am sure that all of us can learn how to be good lovers, but it is apparent that the route is not easy for everybody. Some of the gents that I speak to at London escorts seem to be too much in a hurry. That is not the right way to go about. Explore your partner and their needs, use all the means at your disposal including your fingers.

Great sex is about sensuality as well as sexiness. Some of the gents that I meet at London escorts think it is all about sex, but women need so much more. If more gents were a bit more honest with themselves, they would find that they need more as well. We are just too much in a hurry these days. It is really time to switch of the TV, enjoy a nice shower together, and spend some time exploring each other needs. That makes for great sex and for a great relationship as well! Bear that in mind next time you have a few days off with your partner.

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