The time in Oxford Circus escorts is precious

So, what about Oxford Circus escorts of and royal connections. Well, dear old Edward who went onto marry Mrs. Simpson was said to have enjoyed the company of Oxford Circus escorts. There was one lady that he was very fond of and she had quite a reputation. In Oxford Circus at the time this turned out to be quite a scandal and the lady was married off. The problem was that her husband wasn’t nice to her, so she shoot him three times in the back. Of course, she was arrested and brought to justice. The interesting thing is that there is clear evidence that she committed the crime but the judge in the case said she was not guilty. According to records in Oxford Circus, a royal family member interfered in the trial.

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There has always been Oxford Circus escorts but did you know that many Oxford Circus escorts have had some very prestigious connections. Not all courtesans around the world can brag that they have enjoyed royal delights but Oxford Circus escorts certainly can. It is not quite clear when this connection started but of course back then escorts were called courtesans. All leading courts around the world used to have courtesans on call or at their service within the castle. Historic documents from France shows that several French kings kept courtesans and their wages have been recorded in the accounts of the king at the time.

Needless to say that there have been many other lower Royals who have also enjoyed the pleasure of Oxford Circus escorts. Queen Victoria’s children were noted for their interest in the Oxford Circus escorts scene and many of them dated Oxford Circus escorts, but the story probably goes further back than that. However, it is very difficult to prove things that far back in time, and most Royal families do have tendency to cover things up.

Exploring history through Oxford Circus escorts is one of the best ways to pick up some gossip on the gentry and Royals in Oxford Circus. Once you start looking a bit deeper you will find that there is still a lot of scandal to be found. It would probably have been great fun to be around that time to see what was going on. It is said that many of the wives knew of the courtesans and had to accept in order not to lose their positions in society.


Oxford Circus escorts have also dated a lot of nobles throughout time. They were famous for bringing young ladies to dinner parties and the better restaurants around Oxford Circus. I am sure that many of these young ladies were not friends or nieces, they were Oxford Circus escorts. The police at the time knew that many high class escorts agencies existed in Oxford Circus and there have even been a lot of cases of pregnant escorts. It does seem that a lot of gents cared for their escorts a lot and often kept them in style. They were allowed to live rent free in private apartments and often given an allowance. All of this is well recorded.

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