It does surprise a lot of people that the adult entertainment industry is so popular


London escorts are just coming out of one of the busiest summers ever, and the UK sex toys industry is reporting that it is picking up as well. Now, what we need is for the Chancellor to recognize the existence of the industry, so the true earnings can be quantified. For a long time now, London escorts have struggled to get there profession recognized and so has the rest of the adult entertainment industry. It is not always easy when you are trying to prove your worth to the British economy.

But, why are London escorts so popular? Alan from a leading London escorts agency says that more of us are living alone. People still want company he says, but both men and women are beginning to see sexy companionship as a professional service. This would never have happened a few years ago, but is certainly happening today, says Alan. People of both sexes get divorced and can’t see the point of getting married again. I love to think that it wasn’t so, says Alan, but this is very much the world we live in today.

Sex toys are very popular as well, says Alan. Lots of singles are into solo play, and they often use sex toys. As a sideline of my London escorts business, I also own an online sex toy shop. It is a really great idea to have as a back up plan, but I do not know that most people who shop with us are singles. We sell an awful lot of vibrators to ladies, so they are either solo players, or use them together with their partners. I do know from the girls who work here at London escorts, that sex toys are very popular with single ladies.

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Porn movies are not very popular today. A lot of people watch private made porn online, says Alan, and the movie industry is suffering. Some of the girls who work for me as London escorts used to be porn stars, so I know that the professional industry is suffering. A lot of London escorts left to work in the porn movie industry and came back, says Alan. They just could not make enough money, so they had to give it up. It is sad in a way, but that is the Internet for you.

On the other hand, sexy lingerie is popular. I am looking to start a new site, laughs Alan, but I need some input. To be honest, I am hoping that some of my London escorts girls will be able to help me to pick some designs. It is not easy for a bloke, says Alan, but I do think that a site selling sexy lingerie would do really well. It is all about finding sexy lingerie that is classy at the same time. I know what I like, but I am not so sure what the girls like, giggles Alan, so I had better ask them first.

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