Adventurous escort from Reading escorts

Sometimes, I feel like asking my gents what planet they are on. When you date girls such as Reading escorts, there are certainly things which you cannot do. For instance, streaking across the pitch at Reading Football Club, is certainly something which I would not be able to do for you. But, otherwise, you will find me a very open minded and free spirited sort of girl. I would say that the majority of the girls here at Reading escorts from, are a bit like me.

So, what do I mean by being free spirited? For instance, I have some unique dating tips for you. If you have not been out on a date for a while, you may just want to treat yourself to something very special from Reading escorts. I love giving massages, and the truth is that unless you have enjoyed one of my massages at the escort agency here in Reading, you have not really enjoyed a massage. Let’s put it this way, I really enjoy giving some of those special deep tissue massages… I will tell you more about that later.

But, you may have been a bid of a bad boy during the week, and feel that you need telling off. If that is the truth, I am sure I can give you helping hand. You see, I like to be a little bit dominating at times. Don’t look so worried, nothing I do at Reading escorts is going to hurt you, but you may as well know that I mean business. How I go about my business is what will surprise you, but I do have this feeling that you would like to play it my way once the fun starts. Promise to be gentle the first time you and I meet…

If you have a personal experience which you would like to fulfill, I am more than happy to help. So many gents I meet a Reading escorts, have fascinating fantasies, and the truth is that I really like to fulfill them if I can. It does not matter if your fantasy is a little bit of a naughty one. To be fair to you, I do like dating gents with naughty fantasies as it makes life that more exciting for me. Sure, normal dates are fun to, but those dates where I get to explore the limits of imagination, really turns me on.

So, if you would like to date a smart but adventurous escort from Reading escorts, I would like to be your girl. The fascinating thing about working for an escort agency, is that you learn so much. You may think that you know it all, but then you meet a man who turns your world upside and down. That is fine with me, and if you would like to turn my little world upside an down, I am more than happy for you to do that. In fact, maybe you and I can make both our lives, that little bit more exciting if you know what I mean.

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